September 1, 2011

Bangalore CityTransit for Android is released

It has been a while since my iPhone application 'Bangalore City Transit' was released. Response was great! However, there has been lots of request for same app on Android platform. So here it  is -  'Bangalore CityTransit' is available from Android Marketplace. As usual, it is free :)

'Bangalore CityTransit' application is like your public transit assistant. For given two locations in Bangalore, application will search and display the buses between the two. If there are no direct buses, then shows the routes with connection stop. Also includes details about each* bus route and there is a basic City Guide, could be useful if you are new to Bangalore. Best of all - none of these requires internet connectivity. Give it a try if you have Android or iPhone!

Please note - this application is not sponsored or affiliated with BMTC and only Vajra, Vayu Vajra and Big10 bus services are currently covered by this application. I've (painfully) gathered bus route information for Bangalore from publicly available sources. So the app contents could be out of date or inaccurate. If you see something is wrong or have any suggestions, please send across to me, I'd really appreciate it. Or, you just use it and like it - let me know! I do read my emails :)

I did not have a website or a support site for my iPhone app. Since now I have the apps for both iPhone and Android, I need to have something - so this is the blog. I will use this blog to post updates on my apps or may be just random stuff…

Jump over to 'Android Application' or 'iPhone Application' to get details on each…


  1. The App is indeed helpful and very intuitive.I hope some one at BMTC wakes up and provides the route details for all the buses including timings.

  2. Just a small query: Does this search in a local database or does it reach out to some external service and get the results?

  3. Wonderful application, but need a bit tuning in providing detail about available buses and also in distance table, eg : from padmanabnagar to kbs there is wrong info in distance.
    Thanks for the your interest in creating this app.

  4. Would be great if you start sharing your experience in developing such applications as developer.

  5. good app.i have been using this app for the past few weeks.though there are missing bus routes,still it is a great work.i see app is old.btw is there any updated version?

  6. its good app with good ui but no updates and not showing some direct root information pls do update the app, it will be usefull.