December 15, 2010

Bangalore City Transit for iPhone

My first iPhone app - Bangalore City Transit is available from iTunes AppStore!

I'm new to Bangalore, can't drive car yet; so BMTC bus is the only way for me for all errands. I wrote this app just for myself and have been using it for a while. It seemed like a good utility, could be useful for many other bangaloreans... so with a bit of polishing, I'm releasing it on iTunes AppStore :)

These are the things Bangalore City Transit app provides:
- For any two locations in Bangalore, provides bus route directions. This includes direct buses or with stop-over connections
- Provides detailed route information with route intermediate stopes and route map
- No internet connection required for any route directions or route details. Only route maps requires Internet connection
- All search results or route directions can be saved as favorite for quick access
- Get bus stop informations and route informations with detailed map

Just to let you know, this app development is my hobby/fun work in my free time. This specific app - I wrote in just a couple of weekends, bus route information is limited to Vajra/VayuVajra/Big10 only. All bus route informations are assembled from publicly available sources - so I don't claim it to be accurate. I do not have the resources or reach within BMTC to get all bus route information...if anyone knows how/where to get all BMTC bus routes that I can legally use, please let me know. I'd be glad to update my apps with latest bus route information.

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