1. Can you include Suvarna/Pushpak/Ordinary buses?
I don't have the route information for other buses. If you know where to get it that I can legally use, let me know.

2. The route XYZ is wrong. Because of your App, I ended up seeing monkey's at Bannerghatta zoo while I was supposed to meet my date at MG Road…
Sorry to hear that…Please let me know the inaccuracies, I'll try to correct it. By the way, was there any difference?

3. I sent you route correction long ago…why there are no updates yet?
I'm doing this phone app thing as fun/hobby in my free time. So please be patient.

4. Can you add bus timings?
This is the most popular request! So I borrowed the timings info from BMTC website, now included in Android app. My question - do the buses run on time, ever?

5. I have a old iPhone that I don't want to upgrade. Can you make the app compatible with iPhone OS 3.x?
I could not! Looks like it is Apple's restriction for new apps, they wont let us write apps below iOS 4.x. I'll give a try in next app update.

6. How to contact you?
bangalore.city.transit AT gmail DOT com


  1. Is this APP available for Nokia 500

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