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Finally I have an application on Android market place!. There have been requests for Android counterpart for my iPhone app, so here it is... Though it was supposed to be same as iPhone app, I tried to bring in some fresh looks and useful new content such as city guide to Android application. I tried to make this as *android application* than cookie-cut the things from iPhone app.

Edit (9/7) - Now available on Amazon appstore for Android.

Here is the video on how things would look:

These are the things 'Bangalore CityTransit' Android application can do:

- Search all bus routes between any two bus stops in Bangalore 
- Provides route directions with direct buses or with connections 
- Detailed route information with timings, route intermediate stops and route map
- Locate a bus stop on the map
- All route information is within the app. No internet connection required except if you want to see route map
- Can save pretty much all useful details (such as bus route, route search result, bus stop, route map etc) as bookmark for quick access later on.
- Includes Bangalore City Guide

- I am pretty new to Bangalore. So the City Guide section in the app is from someone new to the City!  Certainly it is minimal content, could have some inaccuracies. Please let me know if you find something wrong or misleading.

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